Build A Better World with New SimCity 2020 App Update

SimCity BuildIt 2020 App Update

After a completely crazy start to 2020 and with billions people stuck inside, at least SimCity BuildIt fans have something to celebrate with the new 2020 App Update.

Available to download on Apple AppStore and Google Play, the app update ushers in a new Mayor's Pass Seasons allowing players to add lush foliage and provide your Sims with a more sustainable type of lifestyle.

The Revive Your City update introduces the following upgrades and benefits:

  • Build ecologically with the Repurposed Airplane and the Thrift Shop
  • Healthy eating made easy for your Sims at the new Vegan Restaurant. 
  • Specialist pet care for their cats and dogs with the new Vet Clinic
  • Introduction of new types of rewards for the Seasons.
  • Greenways to add recreational greenery in your city landscapes.

Update now so you can have fun building a better city (and world).

SimCity BuildIt Share #StayAndPlay Message and Free Gifts for Gamers on Lockdown

EA Mobile are encouraging their legions of SimCity BuildIt fans to #StayAndPlay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world.

The public safety announcements issued across social media and online forums urged gamers to: 

Stay safe. Stay home. Play together.

They sweetened the message with the promise of a free gift waiting for players who check their game’s inbox. 

With an estimated 100+ million downloads of SimCity BuildIt on iOS, Google Play and Kindle since launch let’s hope the incentives can help more people #StayAndPlay safe.
SimCity BuildIt 2020 #StayAndPlay Lockdown

SimCity BuildIt Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners in 2020

SimCity BuildIt Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners
I have now been playing SimCity BuildIt on my iPhone for over 4 years and these are my "Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners" in 2020:

  1. Optimize your city layout from the very first day with a strategy for building your roads using as little space as possible.
  2. Use Mayor Daniel to your advantage by buying discounted items from his Trade Depot once every 24 hours then reselling them for a profit.
  3. Factories, Power, Water, Sewage, Waste & City Storage - See more at:
    Make sure you put all your pollution making Factories, Sewage, Power, Water and Waste Plants as far away from your residential zones as possible.
  4. Place your Shops, Town Hall, City Hall, Mayor's Mansion as a buffer between your pollution making zones and residential Skyscrapers.
  5. Take more advantage of Mayor Daniel by pricing items at their highest possible level in your Trade Depot then wait for him to buy them from you if they don't sell out within 48 hours. 
  6. Unlock and build Dr. Vu's Tower of Destruction so you can unleash disasters on your city and earn valuable Golden Keys at the same time.
  7. Increase your storage capacity by collecting Padlocks, Storage Bars and Cameras.
  8. Add flavor to your city by building Parisian, London and Tokyo Towns.
  9. Create a feeder city using a second smartphone or tablet so you can double dip into Mayor Daniel's discounted items plus buy and sell items cheaply to support your main city
  10. Buy items cheaply from the Global Trade HQ (mainly from newbies who under price) then immediately sell them on for a quick profit.
Good luck and hope you make lots of money - Happy Chinese New Year!

Trade Depot / Global Trade HQ Time & Advertising 2020 Updates

Trade Depot / Global Trade HQ Time & Advertising Updates

The Global Trade HQ has long been a source of complaints from SimCity fans who find the system annoying. Check the  Check the 2020 updates to build a better world this year!

The main problems were initially believed to be the sheer level of demand overloading EA's servers as the app became the most popular SimCity game of all time as well as the fact that the timelock feature reduced players ability to easily search for items.

However, since the last app update there have been two major improvements to each player's Trade Depot functionality and timing:
  1. The time limit between advertising new items has now dropped from 5 minutes down to just 1 minute making it easier and quicker to sell your items and generate Simoleons.
  2. Even better the length of each item advertising period has also been extended to 12 hours meaning that your Trade Depot items can receive much more publicity on the Global Trade HQ resulting in an increasing chance of more sales and more Simoleons.
This is a great improvement that benefits all SimCity BuildIt players and hopefully there will be more nice surprises to come in future app updates!

The SimCity BuildIt 2020 Guide to Getting Golden Keys Fast!

The SimCity BuildIt 2020 Guide to Getting Golden Keys Fast! 

Golden Keys are the ultimate currency in SimCity BuildIt as they cannot be bought with Simoleans or SimCash but are essential for purchasing premium building specializations for parks, education, transportation, beach, entertainment, mountain, gambling, landmarks and worship which help boost your city's population and increase their happiness.

The only way to get your hands on some Golden Keys is by earning them through completing tasks via one of the two following methods:


Cargo Shipments

Cargo Dock Shipment Orders for Golden Keys

Once you have unlocked your Cargo Dock you will begin to receive cargo shipment orders for 3 different types and numbers of items from your factories and stores in which you have 18 hours to find the required items and complete the order to receive 1 Golden Key.

Provided that you complete an order that will arrive every 6 hours then you can soon build up a decent amount of Golden Keys to use in buying your first premium buildings.


Dr. Vu Tower Disaster Challenges

Dr. Vu Tower Disaster Challenges for Golden Keys

After reaching 90,000 Sim City population and paying to unlock Dr. Vu's Tower you are suddenly able to unleash an unlimited number of Disaster Challenges upon your city by giving Dr. Vu some Batteries, Launchers and Gloves each time you want to create natural disasters that destroy your buildings and require you to rebuild them.

The method to this madness is that for each building you rebuild you can receive up to multiple Golden Keys and since several buildings can be destroyed during each challenge this means you can quickly generate a larger number of Golden Keys much faster than by fulfilling Cargo Shipment Orders.

So there you have it - the only two ways to generate Golden Keys to use in boosting your city to bigger and brighter things!

SimCity BuildIt - The Rio Carnival, Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day Update

SimCity BuildIt - The Rio Carnival, Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day Update

It is time to start the party with the SimCity BuildIt Rio Carnival,  Lunar New Year & Valentine's Day Update!

If you update to the latest version of SimCity BuildIt Version 1.10.9 then for three weeks only you can celebrate world-famous events in your city - delight your citizens by adding colorful fun with limited-time festivals, including:
  • Rio Carnival: Light up your streets with the Carnival Stage, towering Parrot Statue, and more!
  • Lunar New Year: Embrace the Year of the Monkey with fun and festive park!
  • Valentine’s Weekend: Ignite love in your city with charming new ways to customize!
For anyone who does not yet have the SimCity BuildIt app then you can download it for free using the following link:

Or if you already have the game downloaded then you should also check out this useful SimCity calculator app as well:

SimCity BuildIt Mountain Tips and Tricks

SimCity BuildIt Mountain Holiday Update - 15th December 2015

Happy Holidays (i.e. Christmas) to all SimCity BuildIt and fans!


Celebrate the holiday season with the biggest update of the year - Mountain Holiday!

If you update to the latest version of SimCity BuildIt Version 1.9.7 you can bring you city to life with the following cool new "Mountain Holiday" features you can:

  • Create a Mountain Resort of your dreams including 10 new expansion areas 
  • Add 17 new specialization buildings like a Mountain Lift, Winter Castle, Half Pipe and Train.
  • Delight your citizens with a Holiday Tree, Delicacy Market and Ice Skating Rink
  • Level up your residential buildings with unique looks
  • Speed up production with Epic Projects

Even cooler is that all players can receive a free gift from SimCity BuildIt.

Hope you enjoy you holiday celebrations both with this game and your family and friends!