First Step After Downloading SimCity BuildIt? Complete the Tutorial and Build a Great City!

SimCity BuildIt Tutorial
Once you have downloaded the SimCity BuildIt App to your iOS or Android Phone or Tablet then the first thing you will have to do is complete a short tutorial to introduce you to the game.

The tutorial covers the core mechanics and gameplay starting with building a road to connect your land to the highway.

This is followed by the process of building and upgrading residential buildings with the help of factory items such as metal, wood and plastic as well as shop items like nails, planks of wood, hammers and tape measures.

Pretty soon into the tutorial you get a fright when the need for electricity and water is made clear with you being prodded into quickly building either a Wind or Coal Power Plant (Wind is cleaner but Coal produces much more power).

For the water you only have the option of the Basic Water Tower at this early level.

The push from the game to keep expanding and upgrading residential units is clear from the very start with a constant stream of units becoming available almost as soon as you started building the previous ones.

There are also factories, shops and government buildings that you have to set up in this early period which do not cost anything and add the ability to produce basic factory items and more developed shop items as well as collect taxes through City Hall.

Other Government buildings at this stage include Town Hall (which doesn't do anything but take up space), the Mayor's Mansion (which provides premium currency called "SimCash" for City Achievements like growing population, trade revenue etc.) and there is also City Storage that contains all of your items being produced.

The final area of importance you start to learn about is the positive and negative affects of Services on your new city - adding Parks will boost your population and increase happiness while Fire is suddenly announced as you level up meaning that you have to build a number of Small Fire Stations, mid-sized Basic Fire Stations or larger Deluxe Fire Stations.

It is important to always leave room and reserved Simoleans for future services like Police, Health, Sewage and Waste Management as you continue to level up otherwise your city population will decrease as will their happiness level and your daily tax revenue! 

Though it might sound complicated the SimCity BuildIt Tutorial takes you quite smoothly through the entire basics of the game giving you time and visuals to understand how to make your city great!