Giving Your "SimCity" a Unique Name & Avoiding the Deadbeat Default of "Rising Sun Valley"

At an early stage you will be asked to name your fledgling town/city and it would be good if you can think of something cool, memorable, silly, sentimental, corporate sounding or whatever.

Gallifrey from Doctor Who TV Series is popular as are real places where people live like USA, New York, London, Liverpool etc.

However if you decide just to go with the default name given by the game of "Rising Sun Valley" then you will be joining a league of people who seem to number in the high thousands with absolutely no imagination and who are impossible to tell apart during trading on the Global Trade HQ making it like Ebay with the scams but without the warning signs of a bad reputation.

I swear that nearly every Rising Sun Valley that advertises items for sale always ends up being an empty dead-end depot if I ever waste a click on them:

Default City Name of Rising Sun Valley

The good thing about the SimCity BuildIt naming process is that it is not just in English but many languages including Asian scripts like Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well as Eastern European, Russian, Spanish and many others unfamiliar to me but great for foreigners around the world.

Of course you do get the odd name popping up that doesn't sit so well......I guess you can't change where you were born but would you promote the fact you are from certain places.....???

Auschwitz is a less commonly chosen name....