3 Stinking Good Reasons to Keep Up with your City's Utility Services in SimCity BuildIt!

3 Stinking Good Reasons to Keep Up with your City's Utility Services in SimCity BuildIt!

During the initial game tutorial everything seemed so quaint and easy until a week or so later suddenly the Mayor (i.e. YOU!) are knee-deep in Sim pee, poo and diapers and with Sims abandoning their garbage filled streets and houses for that clean city with utilities on the other side of the hill. 

Well luckily it's not too late to help some of you out before the ship hits the fan so here we go:

 1) Tutorials are just for beginning the game and don't cover everything: 

Although you managed to get the Water and Power up and running during the official SimCity Buildit Game Tutorial does not mean that it was going to cover your and your town/city's asses for very long. In fact by level 8 there is a seismic shift in your Sim population's bowels leading to a very urgent need for a Sewage System.

2) People Poo. Sims are People Too! They also Poo....a lot. Install some Sewage Facilities at Level 8 or Piss will destroy your city:

By the time Level 8 comes around you should have figured that more Utility Services would be needed and expenditures required to cover the costs for things like drains and sewers so hopefully you still have some of that Simolean seed-capital available for what is luckily for you not too expensive a utility service to install with a relatively small population. All you have to do is select either the cheapest option of 2 x Small Sewage Outflow with combined total of 14 capacity and $8,000 Simoleans or 1 x Basic Sewage Outlet Pipe with 28 capacity and $12,000 Simoleans - this depends on your finances and the estimated growth in Simolean population and poo growth. If you have read this tip before reaching level 8 then poo should not be a problem, just remember that it stinks and should by put in the pollution zone, by the factories and power generators and as far away from your Sim's houses as possible.

3) Where the Streets have no Blame (but the Mayor does!)

If by level 18 you still haven't got the hang of this Level-Up equals new Services & Expenses then maybe SimCity BuildIt is not for you. For everyone else level 5 (Fire) and level 8 (Sewage) should have taught you to prepare for each level, maintain and increase a healthy cash reserve and to continually optimize your city for expansion of different types of services. If so then the task should be self-explanatory, if not then you will find your streets piled high in garbage and Sims abandoning their buildings at a record pace despite the fact all you need to buy and install was either a Garbage Dump, an Incinerator or a Recycling Center. I wish you luck either way!