4 Profitable Daily Tips & City Tricks from SimCity BuildIt's Mayor Daniel

Don't Waste 4 Profitable Opportunities from Mayor Daniel and his City:

After the useful introduction to Mayor Daniel during the initial tutorial and early levels many players completely forget about Mayor Daniel, I know I did this up until I reached the levels where the Trade Depot and Global Trade HQ are opened up when I realized what an opportunity I had been wasting.

1) Hitting Daniel's Trade Depot every 24 Hours

Buying All Items from Mayor Daniel's Trade Depot Every 24 Hours in SimCity BuildIt
Every single day you have the chance to buy a range of 6 items from Mayor Daniel's Trade Depot - at least half of these items will be hard to come by or hard/longtime to make and all of the items will be selling at RRP (Recommended Retail Price) which means you can either use them to upgrade buildings or you can jack up the price by 10 to 100 per item, sell them in your Trade Depot and make a quick 500-1,000 Simoleans every 24 hours.

2) 48 Hour Trade Depot Buyback

Mayor Daniel is also a good friend when it comes to buying out your old stock that you just can't sell - every 48 hours or so he will check out which items have been in your City's Trade Depot for more than 2 days and then he will buy them at the original price you set. This means you should never use your premium currency to delete older items from your Trade Depot because all you have to do it wait a day or two and you will have a guaranteed customer who pays 100% in Simoleans.

Later on in this website's "Tips & Tricks" Section I will go into this in more detail as part of an ongoing profit strategy but for now just remember your Trade Depot always has a cash buyer just waiting to help you out.

3) Making New City Connections with Friends/Neighbours

One of the key points of introducing Mayor Daniel to you early on in the game is to encourage you to connect via Facebook with your friends or other existing gaming acquaintances in order for you to build up a group of neighbouring cities who can form a trading block for both buying and selling your items without having to compete with tens of thousands of other players in the Global Trade HQ. Buying and selling with your neighbours is less of a hassle and you can come to arrangements about pricing and helping each other out with hard to find upgrade items or expansion/storage materials.

4) Learning Layout Opportunities from Mayor Daniel's City 

Layout Opportunities from Mayor Daniel's City in SimCity Buildit
Even just a fleeting glance at Mayor Daniel's City should give you an idea of how a decent City Layout should be done and if you are willing to spend a little time studying it you can pick up a lot of ideas how to optimise your city from day one with residential zones kept far away from industrial zones and with a buffer zone made up of shop and non-polluting units. What's more his city is optimised for future growth with plenty of free space available for residential and specialised service units.

For a general overview on City Layout check out this guide for more suggestions:  http://www.simcitybuildit.info/2015/02/optimizing-your-simcity-buildit-layout.html