6 Effective Ways to Make Your Trade Depot More Efficient and Reduce Buginess

SimCity BuildIt: 6 Effective Ways to Make Your Trade Depot More Efficient and Reduce Buginess

Anyone who has sold items via their city's Trade Depot will notice after a period of time a number of bugs and inefficiencies that can reduce your trading value from thousands of Simoleans per day all the way down to zero. 

Here are the 6 most effective ways I have found to deal with this:

1) Not Completely Filling all Your Trade Slots: 

Always leave a 1 or 2 slots open when you stock up your Trade Depot so that incase of the Global Trade HQ having a bad hair day or just lack of demand for whatever reasons you can still come back a few hours later to add additional items which also brings renewed attention to your old stock,

2) Advertising:

Every 5 minutes you get a free Advertising Spot in the Global Trade HQ for you to use - quite often if you advertise a popular item like Expansion or Storage material at a reasonable price you will find that most of your other stock has sold out as well. The best way of using the free advertising is to upload all the items you intend to first and then start with the first advertising spot on a competitively priced piece in order to attract larger numbers of potential buyers and you may only have to advertise 2, 3 or 4 times before your entire load gets sold.

3) Choosing when to Advertise and when to be Patient:

 If at some point in the day you find that you are increasingly advertising attractive items but without any sales feedback then consider if the time of the day is worth focusing on or if perhaps the Global Trade HQ isn't operating to full capacity. Better to stop for a while than to overload your Trade Depot if everything is slow.

4) Adding more slots in your Trade Depot for Selling:

For a one time payment of 10 SimCash (Premium Currency) you can purchase additional slots inside the Trade Deport for more chances to sell more items. This is a good investment of the premium SimCash compared to using it on timers, speeding up buildings etc.

5) Help from Neighbouring Cities or Mayor Daniel's 48 Hour Buyback

If you have already built up a network of neghbouring cities then feel free to work out deals with them to buy items from each other in case your Trade Depot is overloaded or alternately just wait fir the 48 hour Mayor Daniel Buyback to free up some useful space.

6) Deleting Old Stock to make space for new items and new advertising spots

As a last choice option you can always free up trade slots by paying 1 SimCash to delete an older, less valuable item however this costs you valuable premium currency for a one time purchase and you also completely lose the item that you delete (i.e. it does not return to your storage for future use)