All Fake Simcity BuildIt Cheats are FAKE....!!!!!

All Fake Simcity BuildIt Cheats are FAKE....!!!!!
The only person hurt by a Fake Cheat is YOU!!!
This is just a small reminder to any new players or those looking for an ultra easy cheat to unlimited free Simoleans, Sim Dollars or Gold Keys that there are no genuine cheats out there, especially not the ones on spam sites asking you to download some piece of malware/virus onto your PC.

That makes no sense anyway since this is an iOS and Android mobile game and has nothing to do with your PC apart from some hackers turning your computer into a spam machine.

SimCity BuildIt is also a server based game which means the server is control and you would need to somehow go through the EA server before being able to achieve the massive cheats being promised - if you can do that then free Simoleans should be the last thing on your mind....

All that can be offered or recommended via sites like this are tip, tricks, exploits and good advice how to maximize your gameplay - this means SimCity is still a game with competitive edges but also one that you can excel at with optimized strategy and the best skyscrapers!