Optimizing Your SimCity BuildIt Layout from Day One

These are the best ways of Optimizing the SimCity BuildIt Layout and Minimizing your Expenses when setting up for the first time:-


    SimCity BuildIt Road Usage and Layout Optimization
  • Roads cost nothing to build (although they cost to upgrade later on) so it means you can spend time laying out and bulldozing your road system based on the following information.
  • However roads can take up valuable space later on as the game progresses so make sure to build long straight roads without excessive turns and junctions.
  • This image of Simmy Cloud's imaginative use of roads to write the city's name is nice to look at but it also occupies enough space for 5 Skyscrapers!!

Factories, Power, Water, Sewage, Waste & City Storage:

  • Any pollution making  or ugly industrial units should be placed at the end of a long road to the furthest edge of your city in order to keep the population happy and pollution free.
  • Water and Solar & Wind Energy are the exceptions and don't have any negative impact.

 Shops, Town Hall, City Hall & Mayor's Mansion:

  • Sims like having shops and some government buildings like Town & City Hall and the Mayor's Mansion near their houses and these units can also help act as a buffer between residential and industrial areas, especially as your town grows into a crowded city.


  • Layout these main zones carefully using a grid style format of 8 squares wide (the width of 2 residential plots) and a long or ongoing length for the majority of your city - this will be flexible enough to fit in everything you need from Skyscrapers, Parks, Police, Fire and Health during the early levels of the game.
  • To optimize the initial space given to you as a new player you might layout 4 of these 8 square wide development plots and use 3 the core area for residential growth while the 4th being put to use as a combination for Government buildings, Shops and other non-polluting units that help create the Buffer to your Pollution Zone.
  • You must build your Pollution Zone along a very faraway road on the other side of the city land plot from your Residential Zone. 
  • This is where your coal and oil power units will be as well as other pollution makers such as factories, waste management and sewage as well as unsightly buildings like the City Storage.
  • The key here is to have the 3 Residential zones being built as great a distance from the Pollution zone units as possible while ensuring one zone of Shops, Government Buildings etc. as a visual buffer for the residents of your city in order to boost their happiness and eliminate complaints about noise, smells and unsightly buildings.

If you follow these key strategies for optimizing your SimCity BuildIt layout from Day One then it will greatly support your initial growth and expansion while allowing you a bird's eye view of your future developments needs for space, storage and services so you will always be able to plan and take action ahead of time.