"Purchase Failed! , no more items available for sale" - Most Annoying Message in the Trade Depot's / Global Trade HQ

"Purchase Failed! , no more items available for sale"

"Purchase Failed! , no more items available for sale" in SimCity BuildIt

Of all the most annoying messages that you will see when playing SimCity BuildIt the "Purchase Failed! , no more items available for sale" message has to be the most irritating.

Most Annoying Message in SimCity Buildit's Trade Depot's / Global Trade HQ:

While some Sim Advisors can be repetitive with their constant advice to build Cargo Ship Docking Areas or Upgrade Factories again and again it is the "Purchase Failed!" message that has the most potential to annoy. This is because it is constantly shown every time that you make a failed attempt at purchasing an oversubscribed item via Global HQ and another city's Trade Depot.

Every time that you try to buy that urgently needed upgrade, expansion or storage material and are a millisecond too slow or the fact that thousands of other players get there at the same time as you so that you miss out on the sale means you get this increasingly grating message shoved in your face.

Solution for Trade Depot's / Global Trade HQ Annoying Message or not?

The simple answer to this is that there won't be any major change since the game needs to inform you of the failed purchase attempt so that you are aware and can go about looking for items to buy elsewhere. However recent improvements behind the scenes in the queuing and boosts in item availability display refresh speeds mean that this issue has become less majorly annoying than when the game first launched so there is hope.

Also coming soon there will be new posts in this website's Tips & Tricks Section that will show how to improve your chances of success and profitable buying and selling from the Global Trade HQ.