Who is Mayor Daniel in SimCity BuildIt and how to Connect to Him?

Introduction to Mayor Daniel, his City and his Trade Depot:

Early on in the game every player gets introduced to Mayor Daniel who is the Mayor of your first neighbouring city and the purpose of this meeting is two-fold:

1) Learning How to Make Connections with Other Cities

This is to show you that other cities can be added as friends later when you connect to them via Facebook. By connecting to other cities it means you can also easily visit your friend's Trade Depot and they can easily visit yours increasing the chances of your buying and selling the items that you want at a price that is reasonable.

Mayor Daniels Special SimCity BuildIt Daily Trade Depot Deals 2a) Informing you of Mayor Daniel's Special Daily Trade Depot Deals

Every 24 hours Mayor Daniel provides a selection of often lucrative items for sale at very low list prices which can either be resold by you or used to upgrade your buildings.


2b) Making a Daily Connection by Traveling to Mayor Daniel's City

Connecting and Traveling to Mayor Daniel's SimCity BuildIt City
Connecting to Mayor Daniel's City is easy enough - all you have to do is click the white box with green people inside at the top left of the screen and then a picture of Mayor Daniel will appear. All you have to do is click on his picture and you will be taken straight to his City's Trade Depot where you can make purchases as long as the 24 hour time limit has been passed.