How to Make Money in SimCity BuildIt Mk1? Win by Making Random Clicks on Blue Speech Bubbles!

In the first of our "How to Make Money?" section we are looking at the easiest ways to get easy money without the hard-work.

Make Money in SimCity BuildIt by Randomly Clicking on Blue Speech Bubbles!

The first tip is the easiest and most natural you will find in this game whereby you simply click on the little blue speech bubbles that come from your Sims with various messages about their well-being and opinions of your Mayoral duties.

It is really important to click every single one of the blue speech bubbles in SimCity BuildIt because completely randomly you will get items thrown out at you which have a very definite high value and usefulness.

These tend to be either Extension or Storage Materials that you can either save up to purchase more land and expand your storage capacities or you can sell them on the Global Trade HQ through your Trade Depot.

If you to choose to sell these items then the maximum sales value you get for Extension Materials (i.e. Dozer Blades, Wheels & Exhausts) is $800 each while Storage Materials (i.e. Cameras, Padlocks & Storage Lockers) can reach up to $650 per item.

So whether you sell them or save them you certainly benefit financially from their random appearances during the game - there is no specific way to make them appear apart from continuing to click on every blue speech bubble!