SimCity BuildIt 7th April App Update with 4 Key Changes of Importance!

7th April 2015  SimCity BuildIt Mobile App Update

A new update was released on iOS (and presumably on android as well) on the 7th April 2015 for the ever popular SimCity BuildIt Mobile App.

It is a minor update but includes four key changes of importance:

  1.  Behind the scenes technical improvements to fix occasional game crashes related to the Global HQ and Trade Depot.
  2. Building Upgrade Bubbles no longer randomly change place.
  3. No more "impossible" Cargo Ship Challenges (where they need too many items with not enough time to produce them). 
  4. Mayor Daniel is now also selling City Limit Expansion items, Dr. Vu items and //inventory expansion items.
While not life-changing these update out to help improve general game-play and overall opportunities to trade and expand more smoothly and quickly!