What are the Functions of Llama Cargo Airline's Airport in SimCity BuildIt?

Llama Cargo Airline's Airport Set Up & Function in SimCity BuildIt

Once your airport has completed the 1 day and 7 hour construction period you will be set up with a brand new and fully operational airport for your city.

Llama Cargo Airline's Airport Air Cargo Function in SimCity BuildIt

It main function is obvious considering the name of the main airline (Llama Cargo Airlines) involved and so its flights are centered around the delivery of cargo to and from your city.

Llama Cargo Airline's Airport Air Cargo Requirements in SimCity BuildIt

Every 18 hours a request is provided to your city for a list of items and materials in exchange for cash as well as 1 Tokyo Town item which are essential for your development of Tokyo Town Residences and Skyscrapers.

Air Cargo & the Development of Tokyo Town Residences and Skyscrapers

The Tokyo Town construction follows the same line as ordinary development with 5 levels of building, however the end result is nearly double the population of the ordinary Skyscrapers so there is an equally proportionate need for power, water, sewage, waste management and other services.