4 Annoying Updates of the Global Trade HQ and 2020 Tips to Succeed!

4 Annoying Updates of the Golbal Trade HQ and Tips to Succeed!
Item Already Sold? You're too Slow!

Since the launch of SimCity BuildIt there has been one standout feature that has provided the most annoyance and frustration and that is the Global Trade HQ. Here are some of the top annoyances along with 2020 tips to succeed the best you can against a flawed and overloaded system:

1) Timelock Features vs Refresh

 The most major recent change has been with the way EA has reformatted the bidding system, Before I was easily able to purchase a range of expansion, storage and other key items under maximum cost which allowed me the choice to use it or simply flip it for cash in the early stages when it is at a low.

What the Timelock has appeared to do is limit the amount of items you can look for and their compromise is the 30 second Refresh button.

In this case all it has done is pushed up prices and decreased regular availability. I can still buy and sell but now at many more times of the day it is just impossible to get what I need, not matter how long I try.

2) Higher Costing items vs Getting on with the game regardless 

For some reason, which could just be a wiser player base, there are very few good deals available on most items as everything is top price.

Before in my first city I literally built it up on the back of Simoleans made through buying low and selling high but it is not worth investing time this way to make money when I could be filling my Trade Depot up several times per day for $10,000-30,000 easy income. This is one area we just have to get on with the game regardless.

3) Quick to Disappear Items vs Internet Speed & Use of Scrolling Back

Many key items remain in high demand and the easiest way to ensure you have an equal chance is to seriously look at your internet speeds. 3G and local Wifi may not be enough compared to the high speed broadbands and 4G networks in other countries so if you can you must try to improve your speeds so as to click first and win first.

If this is not possible then there is the option of becoming a back scroller i.e. a person who scrolls right to the back first and picks up items there instead of starting at the front. This is because more people are believed to start from the front and move backwards which leaves more time in your hands to grab items.

4) Hard to Find Items vs Network of FB Friends and Daily Access to Daniel's City

Lets face it, we are never going to have a perfect Global Trade HQ so it means we have to focus on building up our network of Facebook Friends in the game to grab greater access via directly going into our friends Trade Depots where many items may be found. The more friends you have the better.

Also don't forget Mayor Daniel's daily Trade Depot which now serves up the rarer expansion, upgrade, Dr. Vu and storage items for you every 24 hours.

It is not always easy but its still very fun as a game and their is always a hope for improved Global Trade HQ in the future app updates!