8th May SimCity BuildIt Update - 7 of Something to Please Everyone!

8th May SimCity BuildIt Update - 7 of Something to Please Everyone!
Dr. Vu's Tower of Mayhem is Now Upgradeable

On 7th May EA Games released another new update for SimCity BuildIt and this time it looks like it has been a good all-rounder of an update which tackles various areas of annoyance or underdevelopment for the better.

There are the following positive updates to gameplay and general improvements including:

  1. A New Social Feature which lets you click on Blue Speech Bubbles that appear inside other people's cities which reward you with a free item of any kind (materials, factory item, expansion, storage). These bubbles can appear anytime you visit the city of Daniel, a Facebook Friend or even a stranger so it is a pretty cool function.
  2. Once you reach level 40 there is now a whole new "House of Worship" Specialization that can be opened up.
  3. Dr. Vu's Tower is now upgradeable new visuals and 3 new disasters: the Giant Robot, the Tesla Coil (Lightening Storm) and the Tornado.
  4. New Road Upgrades from Boulevard to Avenue and up to Street Cars.
  5. More fixes in operational capacity for the Global Trade HQ.
  6. Adjusted Population calculations for the Landmark, Entertainment and Gambling Specializations.
  7. And to top it off there are now 16 new Achievements available at the Mayor's Mansion.
Overall not a bad little update and I am already finding the Global Trade HQ a bit easier to buy my selected items from, which makes for a nice change!

P.S. this update should answer a lot of questions that our readers have been sending in to us recently (some people may have updated automatically without realizing the significance of this fairly large update). Hopefully everything is clear now, if not then please continue to mail me for assistance!