SimCity Road Upgrades & Road Rage!

SimCity Road Upgrades & Road Rage!
Expensive Upgrades Can Cause Road Rage!

One of the key changes in the 7th May SimCity BuildIt Update was the ability to extend Road Upgrades from ordinary multi-lane roads into Boulevards, Avenues and even Streetcar Avenues (unlocked at level 34).

Unfortunately many players have been faced with requirements for mass-upgrades of many of their city's roads, plenty of which had already been upgraded previously to the 4 or 6 lane maximum.

Now it happens that there is an indicator that shows whether you have "Moderate" or "Heavy" Traffic Jams and the upgrade level requirements along with the costs.

For my 400,000+ city it cost more than 300,000 Simoleans to upgrade all the necessary streets to avoid complaints and reductions in Happiness levels - due to some accrued cash reserves I managed to get back my 100% Happiness after several days scraping, selling and saving to pay for my new roads.

Buyer beware!