Best SimCity BuildIt Guides - Most Popular Blog Posts

Following on with our review of blog posting here at SimCityBuildIt.Info we are looking at our top most popular posts in different categories.

The best of our SimCity BuildIt Guides posts have been a mainstay of this blog, long remaining popular with readers, and the following list is a ranking of the top 5 most popular guides posts:

1) Who is Dr. Vu and what's the deal with his Vu Tower and Disaster Challenges?

2) Who is Mayor Daniel in SimCity BuildIt and how to Connect to Him?

3) "Purchase Failed! , no more items available for sale" - Most Annoying Message in the Trade Depot's / Global Trade HQ

4) At what population level does the Trade Depot or Global Trade HQ open and what are they good for?

5) Giving Your "SimCity" a Unique Name & Avoiding the Deadbeat Default of "Rising Sun Valley" 

I hope you find these posts informative reading!