My Current SimCity BuildIt Statistics

I have now been playing SimCity Buildit on my iPhone 6 Plus since last January 2015 and although I lost my first game due to a phone reset I have continued to build up my second city over the past few months.

Without using any additional purchases of in-app goodies I have now reached the following KPIs:

Population: 768,679
Happiness: 100%
Simoleans: 82,780 (I just updated a whole bunch of expensive roads)
SimCash: 6 (I had a lot more that I won from City Achievements but I can't help spending this stuff)
Golden Keys: 4

I expect there are lots of people out there with better stats than I have so I would be interested to hear from you in the comments section on how big you have built your city.

For anyone who does not yet have the SimCity BuildIt app then you can download it for free using the following link:

Or if you already have the game downloaded then you should also check out this useful SimCity calculator app as well: