SimCity BuildIt Paris Town Update

SimCity BuildIt Paris Town Update

After a relatively quiet two months SimCity BuildIt is back with the amazing Paris Town App Update!

App Version 1.6.4 lets you build Paris Town in your city and allows you to create beautiful new neighborhoods as well as boost your population using world-famous Parisian landmarks.

The SimCity Paris Update also includes the following upgrades and benefits:

  • Build your Airport sooner at just 140,000 population
  • Deliver and earn Parisian Special Items with Airport cargo shipments to unlock the special Parisian customization pack
  • Buy and sell Parisian Special Items on the Global Market
  • Helipads now have helicopters so you can bring your sky to life!

I have just downloaded this newest update and will report back later on the new additions which should help re-enliven the already fun to play game.