SimCity BuildIt Mountain Tips and Tricks

SimCity BuildIt Mountain Holiday Update - 15th December 2015

Happy Holidays (i.e. Christmas) to all SimCity BuildIt and fans!


Celebrate the holiday season with the biggest update of the year - Mountain Holiday!

If you update to the latest version of SimCity BuildIt Version 1.9.7 you can bring you city to life with the following cool new "Mountain Holiday" features you can:

  • Create a Mountain Resort of your dreams including 10 new expansion areas 
  • Add 17 new specialization buildings like a Mountain Lift, Winter Castle, Half Pipe and Train.
  • Delight your citizens with a Holiday Tree, Delicacy Market and Ice Skating Rink
  • Level up your residential buildings with unique looks
  • Speed up production with Epic Projects

Even cooler is that all players can receive a free gift from SimCity BuildIt.

Hope you enjoy you holiday celebrations both with this game and your family and friends!