SimCity BuildIt Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners in 2020

SimCity BuildIt Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners
I have now been playing SimCity BuildIt on my iPhone for over 4 years and these are my "Top 10 Tips Guide for Beginners" in 2020:

  1. Optimize your city layout from the very first day with a strategy for building your roads using as little space as possible.
  2. Use Mayor Daniel to your advantage by buying discounted items from his Trade Depot once every 24 hours then reselling them for a profit.
  3. Factories, Power, Water, Sewage, Waste & City Storage - See more at:
    Make sure you put all your pollution making Factories, Sewage, Power, Water and Waste Plants as far away from your residential zones as possible.
  4. Place your Shops, Town Hall, City Hall, Mayor's Mansion as a buffer between your pollution making zones and residential Skyscrapers.
  5. Take more advantage of Mayor Daniel by pricing items at their highest possible level in your Trade Depot then wait for him to buy them from you if they don't sell out within 48 hours. 
  6. Unlock and build Dr. Vu's Tower of Destruction so you can unleash disasters on your city and earn valuable Golden Keys at the same time.
  7. Increase your storage capacity by collecting Padlocks, Storage Bars and Cameras.
  8. Add flavor to your city by building Parisian, London and Tokyo Towns.
  9. Create a feeder city using a second smartphone or tablet so you can double dip into Mayor Daniel's discounted items plus buy and sell items cheaply to support your main city
  10. Buy items cheaply from the Global Trade HQ (mainly from newbies who under price) then immediately sell them on for a quick profit.
Good luck and hope you make lots of money - Happy Chinese New Year!