Trade Depot / Global Trade HQ Time & Advertising 2020 Updates

Trade Depot / Global Trade HQ Time & Advertising Updates

The Global Trade HQ has long been a source of complaints from SimCity fans who find the system annoying. Check the  Check the 2020 updates to build a better world this year!

The main problems were initially believed to be the sheer level of demand overloading EA's servers as the app became the most popular SimCity game of all time as well as the fact that the timelock feature reduced players ability to easily search for items.

However, since the last app update there have been two major improvements to each player's Trade Depot functionality and timing:
  1. The time limit between advertising new items has now dropped from 5 minutes down to just 1 minute making it easier and quicker to sell your items and generate Simoleons.
  2. Even better the length of each item advertising period has also been extended to 12 hours meaning that your Trade Depot items can receive much more publicity on the Global Trade HQ resulting in an increasing chance of more sales and more Simoleons.
This is a great improvement that benefits all SimCity BuildIt players and hopefully there will be more nice surprises to come in future app updates!