Build A Better World with New SimCity 2020 App Update

SimCity BuildIt 2020 App Update

After a completely crazy start to 2020 and with billions people stuck inside, at least SimCity BuildIt fans have something to celebrate with the new 2020 App Update.

Available to download on Apple AppStore and Google Play, the app update ushers in a new Mayor's Pass Seasons allowing players to add lush foliage and provide your Sims with a more sustainable type of lifestyle.

The Revive Your City update introduces the following upgrades and benefits:

  • Build ecologically with the Repurposed Airplane and the Thrift Shop
  • Healthy eating made easy for your Sims at the new Vegan Restaurant. 
  • Specialist pet care for their cats and dogs with the new Vet Clinic
  • Introduction of new types of rewards for the Seasons.
  • Greenways to add recreational greenery in your city landscapes.

Update now so you can have fun building a better city (and world).